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Meet Sarah

Guided by an indomitable spirit and strategic thinking, Sarah architects thriving HR departments across diverse industries, igniting a legacy of transformation. From championing employee engagement through digital onboarding to deftly leading open enrollment transitions, she enriches the employee experience.


Sarah's arsenal includes dynamic skills in project management, compensation analysis, and HRIS implementation- seamlessly integrating business strategy into talent procurement, development and retention.

    About Sarah

    Sarah's legacy stands as a testament to her ability to bring equilibrium between business and HR. At MOM’s Organic Market, she reinvigorated HR practices, orchestrating a harmonious ecosystem for over 1,400 employees across seven states.


    In her tenure at DealerOn, Sarah's mettle shone as she catalyzed the technology powerhouse from 90 to 450 employees, instating progressive and effective HR practices. Her innovative, tailored solutions addressed HR talent scarcity, ensuring the business flourished expeditiously and at scale.


    Sarah radiates impact through training and development, orchestrating the emergence of adept HR professionals. Her legacy resounds through policies, surveys, and audits, leaving a trail of excellence.


    Sarah’s journey encapsulates resilience and reinvention, emboldening the next era of transformative HR leadership.

    Her enduring mission?  To leverage her experience and knowledge to propel businesses forward, without the need for traditional HR overhauls, but with an agile and tailored touch that resonates with your unique needs.

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